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One high quality backlink can improve your Google ranking significantly. On the other hand, lots of low quality backlinks can make little impact. In addition, low quality backlinks may have a negative effect if they are spammy.

In Google’s rules, there are three types of backlinks:

  1. Low quality backlinks
  2. Medium quality backlinks
  3. High quality backlinks

Google classifies low quality backlinks as spam. In addition, medium quality links offer rank improvements and are easier to obtain than high quality backlinks. High quality backlinks provide the most value. However, they are harder to get because the editorial requirements are much higher. Finally, there are three qualities that make a backlink great. The backlink has to be natural, reputable, and relevant.

  • Natural Backlink
  • Reputable Backlink
  • Relevant Backlink

Backlinks should be natural or organic. In addition, if a website owner decided to link to your website, it has to be for value. You should not pay them or try to manipulate them. This natural way is an example of earning backlinks. So, this is different from unnatural backlinks that are for fooling search engines.

If Google finds out a backlink is unnatural or spammy, Google may ignore it at first. However, for repeat offenses, Google punishes the website and demotes them in search results.

Search engines follow the reputation of a domain and the page of the backlink. Similarly, they follow a process for relevancy. The choice of words (anchor text of backlink) is important because it shows the reader what the page is about. In addition, search engines use it for relevancy signals when ranking the linked page.

Modern search engines are always looking for social proof on how to describe a page. Google has its PageRank algorithm which measures the relevance and reputation of pages. So, the higher the authority score and quality of backlinks, the higher chance of ranking for competitive keywords.

What metrics are similar to PageRank?

While Google does not provide a PageRank metric, Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz are free metrics that you can use to understand Google’s behavior.

What are TF and CF in Majestic?

Citation Flow (CF): The Citation Flow or CF score is a metric from Majestic that shows the popularity of a link in a website. However, it does not consider considering the quality of these links. 

Trust Flow (TF): Majestic also has a Trust Flow or TA score that analyses the trustworthiness of a website. It does that by measuring its quality. So, quality is the important data of this metric. If a backlink pointing to your website has authority and quality, then your trust flow will increase. You can access the TF metric by using Majestic’s Site Explorer tool.

When Majestic launched Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics, they also introduced the concept of TF/CF ratios. So, according to them, a TF/CF ratio of 1-2 is ideal.

  • TF of 20 and a CF of 75 is a spammy site even though its high score. 
  • TF of 17 and a CF of 24 is much more trustworthy of a sitewebsite.
Dose raising Trust Flow (TF) score increase search rank?

Raising your TF score may not increase search rank. Also, increasing your search rank may not increase the TF score.  Finally, this is how you can increase your TF:

  • Get links from high TF websites.
  • Get links from .gov and .edu websites.
  • Consider links that are related to your niche.
  • Consider quality links and not quantity.

What are DR and UR in Ahrefs?

Domain Rating (DR): Domain Rating or DR score is a metric from Ahrefs that shows the strength of a website’s total backlink profile (size and quality).

URL Rating (UR): Ahrefs also has a URL Rating or UR score. It describes the strength of a URL’s backlink profile. Also, it shows the likelihood if a URL will rank high in Google. You can access the UR metric by using Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker tool.

If your competitors have scores between 40 and 50, then a good domain score you should have is between 55 and 60. It is enough to help you rank higher than your competition. Also, to have a better chance of ranking high on Google search results.

Dose raising Domain Rating (DR) score increase search rank?

Yes, but links aren’t the only Google search ranking factor. If your real goal is to rank higher on Google, follow our 10 major Google ranking factors article. Finally, there are three main factors in domain rating metrics.

  • Number of websites linking to youf website.
  • DR score of these linking domains.
  • Number of sites referring to these domains.

What are DA and PA in Moz?

Domain Authority (DA): The Domain Authority or DA score shows the relevancy for a specific subject or industry. This relevancy has a direct impact on search engines.

Page Authority (PA): Moz also has a Page Authority or PA score that shows how well a page may rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can access the PA metric by using Moz’s Link Explorer tool.

Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 where 1 is the worst and 100 is the best. Finally, here are three ranges of domain authority you may find useful.

  • 40 to 50 is average.
  • 50 to 60 is good.
  • 60 to 100 is excellent.
Dose raising Domain Authority (DA) score increase search rank?

DA is not used by Google algorithms and will not impact your ranking. Increasing your DA to increase your search rank is pointless. However, a high DA is better than a low DA, and it’s ok to go for a higher DA. So, high DA should not be your endgame. Finally, here are ways you may improve your domain authority.

  • Get more high authority links
  • Get fewer spammy links
  • Consider more traffic driving links

Google considers a lot of factors when ranking in search results. However, backlinks seem to play a very important role in Google’s algorithm. So the million-dollar question is, if you are a new player in the game, how will you rank higher? If you are going for natural backlinks, it’s going to be a slow game. The only way is to try hard and get high quality backlinks in a different way. Instead of paying for backlinks, do a guest post for reputable websites.

Finally, as you grow you’ll get a lot of automated backlinks from spammy websites. So, get more quality backlinks to counter it or start cleaning the hard way.

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